Region 1 Volleyball Tournament: Too Close To Call

The 2013 North Dakota Class B, Region 1 volleyball tournament is set to begin on Monday at 3 p.m. The tournament is being hosted at Kindred High School and promises to be very competitive as usual.

Their are no official volleyball rankings in the state of North Dakota, but has introduced QRF rankings to the state this fall. It’s a formula the site has used with its Minnesota website for a long time and is a very good indicator of which teams are having standout seasons.

There are 104 volleyball teams in Class B and after next week, eight will remain representing the eight regions across the state. If you hold a lot of stock in the QRF rankings, you would subscribe to the opinion that Region 1 is leaps and bounds the toughest region to win. Four of the eight teams in the Region 1 tournament field are ranked 13th or better in the QRF rankings. Even more impressive is the fact that the top three teams in the Class B QRF rankings – Central Cass (No. 1), Oak Grove (No. 2) and Northern Cass (No. 3) – all compete in Region 1 and District 2.

I’m not even going to attempt predicting the outcome of Region 1, but I will put out a BARN BURNER ALERT advisory in advance of this one.

Central Cass’ Rachel Ruliffson, left, and Faith Dooley defend a shot by against Northern Cass’ Venessa Johnson Monday, Nov.4, 2013, during the N.D. District 2 volleyball tournament in Casselton. David Samson / The Forum

Here are the Region 1 tournament pairings:

Class B, Region 1
At Kindred High School
1) D1 No. 1 Hankinson (19-9) vs. D2 No. 4 Kindred (25-14), 3 p.m.
2) D2 No. 2 Northern Cass (27-4-2) vs. D1 No. 3 Lisbon (24-10-3), 25 min. after Match 1
3) D2 No. 1 Central Cass (33-3-1) vs. D1 No. 4 Oakes (15-16-2), 25 min. after Match 2
4) D1 No. 2 North Sargent (20-10-2) vs. D2 No. 3 Oak Grove (27-8), 25 min. after Match 3
5) Match 1 winner vs. Match 2 winner, 6 p.m.
6) Match 3 winner vs. Match 4 winner, 25 min. after Match 5
Thursday, Nov. 14
Third-place: Match 5 loser vs. Match 6 loser, 6 p.m.
Championship: Match 5 winner vs. Match 6 winner, 25 min. after third-place match