The Possible Future Of Hawley Boys Basketball

On the agenda for Hawley’s Monday school board meeting is voting on Nathan Stoa as the next Nuggets head boys basketball coach.

Ben Ellefson averaged over 24 points this season for Hawley. Photo by Darren Gibbins/Forum

Stoa would inherit a senior class of six with parts of it having gone 57-22 in the last three seasons, including Ben Ellefson. Ellefson averaged 24.1 points, 11 rebounds, 2.5 steals and 2.8 assists last season at center, while hitting 36.8 percent of his 125 shots from beyond the 3-point line. Ellefson has an offer from Augustana to play basketball along with offers from North Dakota State, South Dakota State, Wyoming, Air Force and Fordham to play football.

Here’s a look at Stoa’s resume:

Graduated from Oak Grove Lutheran in 1999 where he played on two District 2 championship teams under Steve Carnal.

Graduated from Concordia College in 2003

Coaching experience

Assistant coach for Shanley girls basketball under head coach Barb Metcalf.

Assistant coach for Ulen-Hitterdal girls basketball under head coach Jeff Schultz.

Assistant coach for Ulen-Hitterdal boys basketball under head coach Jason Cresap.

Head boys basketball coach at Ulen-Hitterdal. 4-22 overall, 2-16 in Heart O’ Lakes Conference.

Head girls basketball coach at Pine City. 64-123 overall. The Dragons 18-8 season in 2009-2010 was their only season over .500 since 1988-89.

Other coaching
Assistant baseball coach for Norman County East-Ulen-Hitterdal and assistant football coach for Ulen-Hitterdal.

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6 Responses

  1. Mark Wallace

    Why hire a coach with limited success coaching basketball? I believe Hawley could do a lot better. Stoa is not a good fit to build a winning program like Hawley has had over the years. Do not hire. Maybe start him off in Middle School but not High School.

  2. ndhsscores

    Hard to have success when you don’t have any talent to coach. Research beyond the numbers given shows Ulen was outmatched in the Heart of Lakes conference and had to play many schools larger than them (MUCH larger). Pine City has been a struggle for talent (more than one player) since that 2009-10 season.

    Numbers are fine…but details are better which were really not given in this blog.

    1. Chris Murphy

      Numbers are not opinion. The details you want are opinion.

      I was in high school in Chicago in 2003-2004, in college in Illinois from 2004-2008, covering high schools in the Chicagoland area in 2009-2011, covering high schools in southwest Minnesota 2011-2012 and in Fargo from 2012-2014, so it’s a bit difficult to have an opinion on teams and a coach I’ve never seen.

      Not to mention, opinion is not my job. Giving you numbers and letting you make your own opinions is.

      1. ndhsscores

        not a ‘bash’ directed at you…just an enlightening statement.

        I think this could be a good hire…I’ve heard good things.

        1. Chris Murphy

          I know. Just explaining.

          The reality is you never know with a coach until he’s out there.

          The idea of judging a guy, especially on the high school level, based on his older records is a bit tough to do.

          There’s so many small parts of high school sports you simply can’t control. It’s not your fault you’re coaching in a town of 100 for example.

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